Birth of a legend

Elitist and futuristic LUXUS design makes us travel into a dynamic space. This continuous movement is expressed by the tense curves and 3D modeled surfaces. Four wings with metallic reflections are carved in this slick liquid foil.  The exclusive Lanceval Luxus Champagne diffuses its powerful and new energy. 

Search of Perfection

Lanceval Premium Brut is an alliance of power and elegance, freshness and complexity. Spring fragrance and subtle tangy accents persist. Unfold notes of ripe fruit and agrum that give a feeling of lightness and fullness with a nice freshness. Premium Brut is a perfect wine for an aperitif and invites you to the party

Excellence and Heritage

From generation to generation, the expertise and sacred flame of our Champenoise family have been handed down, developed and enriched. Its passion draws its inspiration from the very heart of the noble champagne traditions. We created our vines with the greatest care to enable their full potential and to get a great champagne character in this exceptional terroir and this special environment.

Work of Art

Its emblem, the double-headed eagle, highlights the imperial history and futuristic elegance of the Maison Lanceval. The champagne is a promise of happiness and the French " Art de vivre ".  Lanceval is signed by the designer Jerome Olivet, the creator of Many spectacular products. He instill that special touch of personality and requirements in each creations of the Lanceval House .

Artisan tradition

Nothing surpasses the delicacy, sensitivity and perception of the human hand. Manual work is the preferred way of ensuring the finesse of Champagnes Lanceval. Taking care of the wine when rotating the bottles, as well as during the harvest, human knowledge and expertise are expressed through the sensitivity of human hands. This attachment to artisan traditions is reflected in the Lanceval House.